Wednesday, December 13, 2006

-O V E R V E W-

Successful artists know that marketing goes far beyond postcard mailings to galleries. Great marketing puts your artwork in front of customers who would like to purchase it and keeps them coming back for more. And that requires forming relationships. Here's Ashok Art Gallery, the people you need to know and how to make connections that will lead to sales.Include an "artist pack" (information about Artist and hisr art) with every painting they sell. Invite collectors to all of their important shows. Hosts collectors-only open house or party. Invite collectors to a special preview the night before their exhibitions. Send handwritten thank-you notes after they come to one of their shows.we believe in using the technology of the future to help you access the treasures of the past.We are looking on developing in the very near future, a fully online art auction facility enabling you to place bids from the comfort of your own desk.We are committed to create a definitive exciting, 24 hr online , all year round, International art and antique fair.