Saturday, October 6, 2007

Women painter who is drawing a lot of attention ,Kanchan Verma

Is it true that another Amrita Shergill has introduced at Indian art? Another woman artist this time is Kanchan Verma. Immensely talented, she has created a huge volume of art works and She is creating more wonderful art works regularly now. Her works show colorful women drawn in realist and impressionist styles sometimes. Kanchan Verma is a young Indian women artist from Kashmir valley.She is living surrounded by every beautiness of nature and it reflects thoroughly at her works.Kanchan Verma’s work are deep symbols of women and a rich sea of colours that show a way to reach into the unconscious mind that is very vital. The symbols are highly concentrated and therefore are not to be interpretated in a near sense but give way to sophisticated interpretation. Her works enforces you to read your society and your background through her works with the baggage of those expectations and experience. We all know that political and cultural distinctions provide attraction, but there is the high danger that people just engage with a cultural mask in the end. I believe the banality of play between reaction and art can be more genuine. Work as form and its interrelation with people as consciousness is what counts.
All the six works are showing at Ashok Art Gallery interpretes the artists soul as an e.g. naturalistic picture or naturalistic dream, because there swing with so much connotations that are taken into account now and find a way out of the soul. Generations have peered at Kanchan Verma’s Artistic jurney.vew and wondered about its dark secrets. But now, after its creation, She believes she has the answers to its riddles. In contemporary India, there are many women painters who are drawing a lot of attention. And Kanchan Verma is one of them for sure.

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