Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Compassion in Contemporary art

“Contemporary art” is another one of those terms that covers a wide variety of art. The best definition of “contemporary” is the work of any living artist, though the term has also been used to mean art that you would go beyond. This sense of contemporary is more like the term “modern,” in that it means the opposite of “traditional.”. Here another rare talent Jayadev Biswal is showing his exceptional art skill with those very special canvases. Jayadev’s lush, exotic and luminous textures sprawl somewhere between the sonic freefall of bloody Valentine, folktronica, famous dutch landscapes and a hymnal, Spiritualized-ish quality, but always with an eye on beyond and subtlety. Despite his preference for tweed and brogues, The Young Jayadev is just another exponent of brittle Indian new-wave upcoming contemporary artist with attitude. There are a million ways to combine concept, style and technique, but the Young Jayadev seems to interested in discovering any uniqness from them, to play with them and if you visit his workplace ,you just cann’t deny all these arguments, he is surely one of upcoming mainline young painter in Indian contemporary art market now, just looking like using all his Borodian skill to amaze art lovers and art critics.This most recent work showing at Ashok Art Gallery titled ‘COMPASSION’ indicates his new development of supra-national power structures and the radical social changes.
While global cities are forming into a new economic world order, capital, people, ideas, pictures, and goods move around the world with ever-increasing speed, setting up a network of communication, production, and consumption that spans all continents,Young Jayadev Biswal is looking to add some more features towards its rapidical progress.He is coming with some new contemporary concepts with amazing handelling and flowless coloring techniques on canvases.
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