Friday, December 21, 2007

Contemporary Art Gallery News:Art Exbhibition Reviews

Ashok Art Gallery presents :


Curated By: Ashok Nayak
november 2007
india habitat centre
lodhi road, new delhi,

First time in Indian Art Market, presenting the most debated women artist from Pakistan Amna Ilyas , the young women painter from Udhampur who is drawing a lot of attention, Kanchan Verma , the lovely lady with a amazing art skill from The Nederlands Thea Walstra and the eminent artist from USA Ruth Olivar Millan

All participating artists are : Amna Ilyas, Jayadev Biswal, Sanjoy Bose, Ajay Mohanty, Rohit Supakar, Pradosh Swain, Kanchan Verma, Kanta Kishore, Shiba Prashad, Sujat Pattanaik, Debashis Chakraborty, Ruth Olivar Millan, Sambit Panda, Anasuya, Thea Walstra

Ashok Nayak

Curator, Exhibition Director

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Art Exhibition Hosts Artist from Pakistan, India, The Netherlands and USA


14th - 16th november 2007

At: convention foyer,

india habitat centre

lodhi road, new delhi,


daily 11 am to 8.30 pm

First time in Indian Art Market, presenting the most debated women artist from Pakistan Amna Iliyas , the young women painter from Udhampur who is drawing a lot of attention, Kanchan Verma , the lovely lady with a amazing art skill from Nederland Thea Walstra and the eminent artist from USA Ruth Olivar Millan

All participating artists are : Amna Iliyas, Jayadev Biswal, Sanjoy Bose, Ajay Mohanty, Rohit Supakar, Pradosh Swain, Kanchan Verma, Kanta Kishore, Shiba Prashad, Sujat Pattanaik, Debashis Chakraborty, Ruth Olivar Millan, Sambit Panda, Anasuya, Thea Walstra

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Emerging Young Artist Pratul Dash

When I asked the most debated emerging young artist Pratul Dash about his artistic journey, he replied me with a quote ‘There will be a vital role of an artist to uplift the society’. He said although I live with my family with all responsibility, I always well aware of my real mean of living and Standing between the Heaven and the ground , Wanting to move forward and to stay down. Yes, he was absolutely right with his word, this year he has exhibited his works at several major exhibitions worldwide,and also become a happy father with a very sweet and cute baby girl, besides many exhibitions at India, his works are exhibited at USA and UK thrice this year with a great response. Every time works are just sold out at the first day of opening. His works are filled with fine detail, looks at life through various different levels, his bird, living in the hollows of the scaffolding claims this space as much as his home as any human does. Pratul Dash graduated with a BA & MA in Fine Art and was awarded an art Scholarship. He was also awarded by the Industrial Literature Society, Italy, won the M F Hussain Award, Delhi, Silver Jubilee award Orissa to name a few. His works are amongst many prestigious collections, both private and corporate throughout the world.Once he said,” i am a response, a series of other colors strung together tied by reaction and emotion, memory and experience, resisting or embracing, based on my days on earth....” Pratul works and lives in New Delhi, India.

Contemporary Art Review: Ashok Art Gallery

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Women painter who is drawing a lot of attention ,Kanchan Verma

Is it true that another Amrita Shergill has introduced at Indian art? Another woman artist this time is Kanchan Verma. Immensely talented, she has created a huge volume of art works and She is creating more wonderful art works regularly now. Her works show colorful women drawn in realist and impressionist styles sometimes. Kanchan Verma is a young Indian women artist from Kashmir valley.She is living surrounded by every beautiness of nature and it reflects thoroughly at her works.Kanchan Verma’s work are deep symbols of women and a rich sea of colours that show a way to reach into the unconscious mind that is very vital. The symbols are highly concentrated and therefore are not to be interpretated in a near sense but give way to sophisticated interpretation. Her works enforces you to read your society and your background through her works with the baggage of those expectations and experience. We all know that political and cultural distinctions provide attraction, but there is the high danger that people just engage with a cultural mask in the end. I believe the banality of play between reaction and art can be more genuine. Work as form and its interrelation with people as consciousness is what counts.
All the six works are showing at Ashok Art Gallery interpretes the artists soul as an e.g. naturalistic picture or naturalistic dream, because there swing with so much connotations that are taken into account now and find a way out of the soul. Generations have peered at Kanchan Verma’s Artistic jurney.vew and wondered about its dark secrets. But now, after its creation, She believes she has the answers to its riddles. In contemporary India, there are many women painters who are drawing a lot of attention. And Kanchan Verma is one of them for sure.

Contemporary Art Reviews : Ashok Art Gallery

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Compassion in Contemporary art

“Contemporary art” is another one of those terms that covers a wide variety of art. The best definition of “contemporary” is the work of any living artist, though the term has also been used to mean art that you would go beyond. This sense of contemporary is more like the term “modern,” in that it means the opposite of “traditional.”. Here another rare talent Jayadev Biswal is showing his exceptional art skill with those very special canvases. Jayadev’s lush, exotic and luminous textures sprawl somewhere between the sonic freefall of bloody Valentine, folktronica, famous dutch landscapes and a hymnal, Spiritualized-ish quality, but always with an eye on beyond and subtlety. Despite his preference for tweed and brogues, The Young Jayadev is just another exponent of brittle Indian new-wave upcoming contemporary artist with attitude. There are a million ways to combine concept, style and technique, but the Young Jayadev seems to interested in discovering any uniqness from them, to play with them and if you visit his workplace ,you just cann’t deny all these arguments, he is surely one of upcoming mainline young painter in Indian contemporary art market now, just looking like using all his Borodian skill to amaze art lovers and art critics.This most recent work showing at Ashok Art Gallery titled ‘COMPASSION’ indicates his new development of supra-national power structures and the radical social changes.
While global cities are forming into a new economic world order, capital, people, ideas, pictures, and goods move around the world with ever-increasing speed, setting up a network of communication, production, and consumption that spans all continents,Young Jayadev Biswal is looking to add some more features towards its rapidical progress.He is coming with some new contemporary concepts with amazing handelling and flowless coloring techniques on canvases.
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Contemporary Art Reviews : Ashok Art Gallery

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Sunday, June 10, 2007

New Concept in contemporary art:Lady Artist showing her amazing skill

The human world has always been changing, but the pace of change seems to have picked up dramatically in the last decade or two, with no stability visible on even long-range scanners. Rapid change is obvious in all of the technological, political, business and social fields, and there are changes in our environment and ecosystem that are probably caused by this increasing human activity.The works of Satyabhama Majhi says everything about this changes. She also conceptualize fictional entities. She imagine structures, and make them. mental space includes many imaginary items. She uses shared mechanisms for storing abstract knowledge, and build on these abstractions to develop and share more abstractions works of art.But there are other limitations to inventiveness. No one could have imagined most of today's technologies in the 10th century because even the basic building blocks for the concepts didn’t exist then..After vewing her work one can say ,it is a real artistic expression ,how everything is changing with increase of populations.She is brilliant at handelling it into her canvas and her work gives a strong message .Absolutely it is rare to find such talent now a days.

Fine Art Review: Ashok Art Gallery

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Contemporary Artist working in a new technique

Banoj Kumar Mohanty is one of the most talented upcomoing young artist in Indian art market.Coming from small town to world class cities ,artist has adapted urban culture on his works so neatly, with his own style and techniques.he has amazing art skill with creating different techniques,he is using different daily usable things,like paper,foil,pastel cotton and water color.His subjects are minimal and expressions are of broden vew.
And yet, on its own semi-uncomfortable terms, Banoj is fascinating, its quality, world and soul elements colliding and caroming off one another in endless succession, its cool grooves streaming by like dreaming on fantasy waves.Although his expressions are semi abstract,but he uses human forms to add reality touch There might be paradise in any of the places this artist, just off the main road from established genres and watching , but you get the sense that Banoj don't live there long enough to find out more experiments,he is coming with some magnificent acrylics.He is undoubtly one of mainline upcoming fine art star to looking for.

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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Art Reviews:Painting Release:Tapan Dash

Tapan Dash’s reputation as one of India’s most significant young painters is based on a consistent and prolific output of work over more than one decades. His disciplined practice is characterised by oeuvre attests to a constant interchange of ideas and motifs. No single painting tradition has evolved in isolation; so this body of contemporary work burgeoned from hybrid seeds, incorporating diverse aesthetic influences into an extremely vibrant, mobile once inspired and original. Allegorical and surrealist, his works, based on drawing and rhythmic line, reveal the imagination and zeal of the artist’s consciousness. There is a freedom of expression, a release from techniques of classic, material traditions of art, resulting in a dynamic dialogue of intersecting and tangential facial features and limbs.Characteristically, many of his portraits have multiple visages, , Cubism and German Expressionism. The figures are never immobile, highly vivid reflecting the intensity of their moods, effected through exaggerated features and body positions and possesses a vital inner life. Certain contemporary elements are derived from traditional art forms and motifs found in Tapan Dash’s art, the form is used to establish relationships and is varied in both positive and negative forms so that an ambiguity between figures and ground is created. This gives the painting life.
Rhythm, repetition and symmetry play an important role in Tapan Dash’s work to establish this optical pulse of life and movement. Similarly, his judicious use of colour creates harmonies and contrasts that recall the inner sensual organs active and steps forward towards a rhythmatic peaceful jurney.
Fine Art Review:Ashok Art Gallery
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Monday, April 9, 2007

Sculpture review:Gadadhar Ojha

By inviting to create sculpture for our next proposed show,one of our mainline artist Mr. Gadadhar Ojaha,the only young Indian artist/sculptor living in Paris,France has updated me about his last year projects and all other completed works. Undoubtly sculptors have an important role to offer a sense of wonder and the miraculous to a world that lacks it.Artist Mr Gadadhar Ojha has said about his wonderful experience of working with all other international artists at paris.I have amazed when he showed me the lil video footage and photographs of his last work.Ahh..It is a huge Sculpture,the texcture,patterns and the overall contemporary forms are just superb. Although the decline of the 'romantic' notion of the artist and speculating about a new conception of the relationship between artist and society,but his works are contemporary figurative sculptures created in the expressionist tradition.Somebody argues that art is man's defnese agains insensitivity. Hehe,it’a clearly a comment on the lack of wonder and beauty in much contemporary art. The work never explicitly references walking, yet it invokes the physicality and psychology of this common activity. Small, sequential movements, each like the one before, create an impressive cumulative effect. Just as thousands of steps constitute a long hike.
Sculpture Reviews: Ashok Art Gallery

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

New Release:Recent Painting of Artist Pratul Dash

New Release:Recent Painting of Artist Pratul Dash
Dir You

Pratul Dash has been witness to the burgeoning growth in the cityscape encroaching on vast open spaces. Wrenched away from the simple way of living in his native village in Orissa where he enjoyed the flora and fauna found in plenty over huge tracts of the landscape, it was a huge change to be confined in the metropolis like capital city New Delhi. In his recent work "The Red",Artist Pratul Dash shows the inner contrast feelings towards a rhythmatic cosmic sequence.Moving side by side or up and down "The Red" feeling captures all the innocence.At our last meet he has indicated about some serious work series,i am very exited,"Artists are always serious".
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Saturday, February 3, 2007

The dijected dusk ,An Exposition of Paintings from Living Master Baladev Moharatha(chitradev)

In the human psyche the male chauvinistic attitude is a perennial concept. In the epical descriptions, the female has always been portrayed as a commodity of enjoyment and the beastly lust always engulfs the feminine sector. Never she has been regarded as the part and parcel of the supreme creation literally but regarded proverbially.But she is always forgotten as the sculptor of life embodiment. In the historical depictions,though there are feministic heroism still the exploitation is optimum.In this era of Bagar culture the femininity has been commodified. The visual media people like add makers always having the said exploitation fructified and they believe that with the inclusion of the female form in to their add visual their Balance sheet for the fiscal will show overwhelming results. The age old concept of the female being regarded as Janani (The mother), Bhagini (The sister) and Jaya (the wife) has gone to the oblivion as on today.
Exhibition will open for public from 1st Feb 2007- 5th Feb 2007
At: Palm Court Gallery, India Habitat Centre, New Delhi, INDIA

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Friday, January 12, 2007

LIFE OF A DOUBLE new release video by artist pratul dash

“One might get a strange sense of relief as the performance unwinds and the distorted image of the face gains balance. What remain are the marks of the string’s path of punishment and an extremity of detachment and peace in the end. It is a kind of come back for me in my native land.”In his concept note on this work Pratul Dash states.

A very strong concept to impliment in own life by general.Pratul Dash has expressed this concept through his latest video so promptly that anybody can fall into a deep thought.The inner peace is key note i can say. Art Navigator - art resources directory for artists, dealers and art amateurs.

Monday, January 1, 2007

Leasing The Good Life with Art.

The enormous speed by which Art media reach previously isolated cultures around the world catalyzes a rapid integration of visual and media languages across the Art world. There is a need to understand not only ethnic cultures and the vocabularies of their traditional media, but also how these cultures and languages transform and are being transformed by Art, especially Fine Art. What role do Art Galleries play in the connected global context?

Art on Global Eyes, the Eyes at 2007 on Ashok Art Gallery, is accepting submissions of artwork that expand our humanity by extending our awareness of people and nature. Wearing these new digital "glasses," how do we see each other and our world in alternative ways?

We are looking for works that:

Illuminate the role digital media play in shaping, extending, and reflecting world views on Art and cosmologies.

1.Address ecological, social, and political issues in imaginative,innovative and peaceful ways.

2.Foster respect, tolerance, and empathy among people and nations.