Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Art Reviews:Painting Release:Tapan Dash

Tapan Dash’s reputation as one of India’s most significant young painters is based on a consistent and prolific output of work over more than one decades. His disciplined practice is characterised by oeuvre attests to a constant interchange of ideas and motifs. No single painting tradition has evolved in isolation; so this body of contemporary work burgeoned from hybrid seeds, incorporating diverse aesthetic influences into an extremely vibrant, mobile once inspired and original. Allegorical and surrealist, his works, based on drawing and rhythmic line, reveal the imagination and zeal of the artist’s consciousness. There is a freedom of expression, a release from techniques of classic, material traditions of art, resulting in a dynamic dialogue of intersecting and tangential facial features and limbs.Characteristically, many of his portraits have multiple visages, , Cubism and German Expressionism. The figures are never immobile, highly vivid reflecting the intensity of their moods, effected through exaggerated features and body positions and possesses a vital inner life. Certain contemporary elements are derived from traditional art forms and motifs found in Tapan Dash’s art, the form is used to establish relationships and is varied in both positive and negative forms so that an ambiguity between figures and ground is created. This gives the painting life.
Rhythm, repetition and symmetry play an important role in Tapan Dash’s work to establish this optical pulse of life and movement. Similarly, his judicious use of colour creates harmonies and contrasts that recall the inner sensual organs active and steps forward towards a rhythmatic peaceful jurney.
Fine Art Review:Ashok Art Gallery
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