Saturday, February 3, 2007

The dijected dusk ,An Exposition of Paintings from Living Master Baladev Moharatha(chitradev)

In the human psyche the male chauvinistic attitude is a perennial concept. In the epical descriptions, the female has always been portrayed as a commodity of enjoyment and the beastly lust always engulfs the feminine sector. Never she has been regarded as the part and parcel of the supreme creation literally but regarded proverbially.But she is always forgotten as the sculptor of life embodiment. In the historical depictions,though there are feministic heroism still the exploitation is optimum.In this era of Bagar culture the femininity has been commodified. The visual media people like add makers always having the said exploitation fructified and they believe that with the inclusion of the female form in to their add visual their Balance sheet for the fiscal will show overwhelming results. The age old concept of the female being regarded as Janani (The mother), Bhagini (The sister) and Jaya (the wife) has gone to the oblivion as on today.
Exhibition will open for public from 1st Feb 2007- 5th Feb 2007
At: Palm Court Gallery, India Habitat Centre, New Delhi, INDIA

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