Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Contemporary Artist working in a new technique

Banoj Kumar Mohanty is one of the most talented upcomoing young artist in Indian art market.Coming from small town to world class cities ,artist has adapted urban culture on his works so neatly, with his own style and techniques.he has amazing art skill with creating different techniques,he is using different daily usable things,like paper,foil,pastel cotton and water color.His subjects are minimal and expressions are of broden vew.
And yet, on its own semi-uncomfortable terms, Banoj is fascinating, its quality, world and soul elements colliding and caroming off one another in endless succession, its cool grooves streaming by like dreaming on fantasy waves.Although his expressions are semi abstract,but he uses human forms to add reality touch There might be paradise in any of the places this artist, just off the main road from established genres and watching , but you get the sense that Banoj don't live there long enough to find out more experiments,he is coming with some magnificent acrylics.He is undoubtly one of mainline upcoming fine art star to looking for.

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