Friday, January 12, 2007

LIFE OF A DOUBLE new release video by artist pratul dash

“One might get a strange sense of relief as the performance unwinds and the distorted image of the face gains balance. What remain are the marks of the string’s path of punishment and an extremity of detachment and peace in the end. It is a kind of come back for me in my native land.”In his concept note on this work Pratul Dash states.

A very strong concept to impliment in own life by general.Pratul Dash has expressed this concept through his latest video so promptly that anybody can fall into a deep thought.The inner peace is key note i can say. Art Navigator - art resources directory for artists, dealers and art amateurs.

Monday, January 1, 2007

Leasing The Good Life with Art.

The enormous speed by which Art media reach previously isolated cultures around the world catalyzes a rapid integration of visual and media languages across the Art world. There is a need to understand not only ethnic cultures and the vocabularies of their traditional media, but also how these cultures and languages transform and are being transformed by Art, especially Fine Art. What role do Art Galleries play in the connected global context?

Art on Global Eyes, the Eyes at 2007 on Ashok Art Gallery, is accepting submissions of artwork that expand our humanity by extending our awareness of people and nature. Wearing these new digital "glasses," how do we see each other and our world in alternative ways?

We are looking for works that:

Illuminate the role digital media play in shaping, extending, and reflecting world views on Art and cosmologies.

1.Address ecological, social, and political issues in imaginative,innovative and peaceful ways.

2.Foster respect, tolerance, and empathy among people and nations.