Friday, January 4, 2008

Contemporary Art Reviews : Mardi A Ahmed

Mardi (Mahruch) Ali Ahmed is a Canadian Artist and Poet, born in Pakistan with a German mother and East Indian father. She grew up in an Italian neighborhood and is presently living with her family on her little farm tucked in the Rainforests of British Columbia on First Nations (Native Indian) Land. With the Rocky Mountains at her back and the Pacific Ocean at her toes Mardi spends part of each day roaming the forest trails with her dogs. Nature , and the patterns hidden within are her inspiration. Her talent lies in her fluid translation of thought into physical form. Self-taught, Mardi only began painting seriously in 2003. She has developed at an accelerated pace, no doubt aided by her genius aptitude for spatial mathematics.

Mardi’s large, bold works showing at Ashok Art Gallery engage themes of the balance of masculine and feminine energies – the organic and the structural – the fluid and the static. Waves, spirals and helixes resonate with her love of physics and quantum theory. Mardi is also the author of a proposal for a World School of Peace, inspired by her work as a foster parent for 40 youth, the proposal is endorsed by H.H. the Dalai Lama and Dr. Robert Muller, founder of the United Nations University of Peace. Mardi hopes that one day, her art will aid philanthropic work globally.

Contemporary Art Review : Ashok Art Gallery

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