Sunday, October 12, 2008

India Habitat Centre (New Delhi): Ramesh Terdal

From past 13 yrs have been constantly experimenting .today my media are acrylic.when I paint, I try to reproducing my sense of imagination, my experience as well as my emotions in the form of different textures, brush strokes and forms, some times my works have metaphor of society and sometime open to interpretation, said a young and promising Indian artist Ramesh Terdal.

His expressions through creative mediums are the form of an inward journey. It reflects how he conceive his existing potentials and true towards life .Ramesh Terdal started his journey with inward flow of light (journey through life) as his subject of paintings which belongs to every walk of life voilant mind,cruel gunman image,exposing bodys,they made their body as a earning source to exposing body ,black shadows over society,superemo image, power dominated image,how passion inter built with once day to day life, imbalance society. a struggle that is existing within the complexity life.India is a country where life and struggle is not rolling in a parallel way but it is an endless zigzag competition of living. Where lives are continuously struggling with unknown anxiety, fear and heat this struggle/juggling I am finding hope of smile metaphore of kid,infant,in innocent faces, once he said.

His work, for quite some time, has found inspiration / borrows motifs from the mass media. The black and white photographic images adopt a documentary style of address, presenting a snippet of everyday reality, such as we would be likely to find in a newspaper or magazine clipping. Apart from this stencils, and advertisements, Magazines, cut out figures and billboard hoardings. The cutout has become a vehicle for him to transport populations to different localities and diverse societies. It also helps him to look at the social fabric today. After all what is our social structure? What relationships are we building up within our society ?He said, “I do not believe in concrete structures like the state and religion. They are both artificial entities. In reality there are no marked boundaries it is a palimpsest.”

Painting is his passion and journey ,so for,has been quite and eventful. There are things to learn,unlearn and learn every day,as an aspiring art practitioner we have social responsibility on us there is lot to learn things around us; keeping these things in to mind that we have to convey the society about right and wrong i fallow my heart and paint for society.
Ramesh believe that all art reflects on ones own ideal state of beauty and he look at it as a concept of personal transformation. Ramesh’s work has therefore a certain meditative connotation, as it strives to uncover an ideal of harmony and stability that remains however, forever ephemeral.

India Habitat Centre (New Delhi): Ramesh Terdal

Venue: Open Palm Court Gallery India Habitat Centre Lodhi Road, New Delhi

Dates: 23-28 October, 2008, 11 am - 8 pm daily

Details: First time in New Delhi presenting a very talented and promising young artist Ramesh Terdal. Ashok Art Gallery is going to host a show of 18 recent paintings of artist Ramesh Terdal At Open Palm Court Gallery India Habitat Centre.


The Ashok Art Gallery is internationally known for one of its most important holdings: more than 2000 major works by the world's most significant Artists.Over the past years, as Ashok Art Gallery has become a major centre for contemporary visual art, the Gallery has built a strong collection of contemporary work of different artists.
Last year we became a sponsor of the STANDUP-SPEAKOUT Artshow, Organized by Art Of Living Foundation and United Nations.Organized an International Contenmporary Art Exhibition including artists from USA, The Nederlands, Pakistan and India.We have also participated at Art Expo India 2008 Mumbai and India Art Summit 2008 New Delhi.


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