Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Public Art Project on Global Warming started from bhubaneswar orissa and it will move through all major cities in India

Ashok Art Gallery launches its most awaited Public Art Project on Global Warming As said, the major cause of global warming is the emission of green house gases like carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide etc into the atmosphere. Gasoline Causing Global WarmingThe major source of carbon dioxide is the power plants. These power plants emit large amounts of carbon dioxide produced from burning of fossil fuels for the purpose of electricity generation. About twenty percent of carbon dioxide emitted in the atmosphere comes from burning of gasoline in the engines of the vehicles. This is true for most of the developed countries. Buildings, both commercial and residential represent a larger source of global warming pollution than cars and trucks.Building of these structures require a lot of fuel to be burnt which emits a large amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Methane is more than 20 times as effectual as CO2 at entrapping heat in the atmosphere. Methane is obtained from resources such as rice paddies, bovine flatulence, bacteria in bogs and fossil fuel manufacture. When fields are flooded, anaerobic situation build up and the organic matter in the soil decays, releasing methane to the atmosphere. The main sources of nitrous oxide include nylon and nitric acid production, cars with catalytic converters, the use of fertilizers in agriculture and the burning of organic matter. Another cause of global warming is deforestation that is caused by cutting and burning of forests for the purpose of residence and industrialization.
SABDA-RUPA, the seven dimensionsan exhibition of Drawings, Paintings, Digitals and Installations by artists of Ashok Art Gallery, Delhi and seven members of Coffie House Creative Corner, Old Bus Stand, Bhubaneswar, Orissa, India on 3rd May 2009 at mostly crowded Old Bus Stand Area, Bhubaneswar curatted by Ashok Nayak and artists participated baladev moharatha(chitradev), kantakishore moharana, manas moharana, somanath raut, smruti sai mishra and six members of CHCC including its secretary Suresh Balabantaray who are professional writers but expressed their feelings in form of paintings drawings and digitals. Coffee House Creative Corner was initiated with the slogan " all creativity rolled in to one ". It is not only the literary creations but the visual creations and the preforming creations has intermingled here to cater the readers and viewers. This time seven members are participating in Ashok Art Gallery, Delhi's Public Art Project, " SABDA-RUPA the seven dimentions, it is an open air public art exhibition on global warming and all the artists are expressing their feeling on its cause, effect and prevention. This exhibition is planning to be held at most crowded old bus stand area of capital city Bhubaneswar, Orissa India. It is a noble effort jointly by Ashok Art Gallery, Delhi and Coffee House Creative Corner, Old Bus Stand, Bhubaneswar, Orissa to aware public and serve the globe, Mr. Balabantaray said.
This Public Art project has some intresting displays like Kanta Kishore's Fibre made cow eating clothes symbolised the unatural behaviour which tends to the cause of global warming , Manas Moharana's reverse umbrella downed by a fress youthful plant which has given message as prevention of global warming causing by deforestations, while Smruti Sai Mishra's installation of tolls used for making buildings with garbage indicates the rapid urbanization which has a major role in global warming and most intrestingly Somanath Raut's a prime head placed on top of gathered chairs shows how we are running behind comfort without thinking about society. This show was innugurated by senior most oriya jurnalist Mr. Dandapani Mishra where senior artist Asim Basu and eminent writer Das Benhur were guest of honour.

The Ashok Art Gallery is internationally known for one of its most important holdings: more than 2000 major works by the world's most significant Artists.Over the past years, as Ashok Art Gallery has become a major centre for contemporary visual art, the Gallery has built a strong collection of contemporary work of different artists. Last year we became a sponsor of the STANDUP-SPEAKOUT Artshow, Organized by Art Of Living Foundation and United Nations.Organized an International Contenmporary Art Exhibition including artists from USA, The Nederlands, Pakistan and India.We have also participated at Art Expo India 2008 Mumbai and India Art Summit 2008 New Delhi.

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