Saturday, August 6, 2011

One of the questions that surround art as an asset is how to quantify an income stream from any sort of collection

The art business is its proprietary nature. Artists, art dealers, and retail buyers prefer that sales figures stay private, and go to great lengths to keep them that way. Artists don't want other artists knowing how well they do; dealers don't want other dealers knowing how well they do; collectors don't want other collectors knowing what they buy or how much they pay for it. Furthermore, one of the most important rules of the art game is that the more you know about art prices and what's selling where, and the less your competition knows, the more money you make and the less money they make buying and selling art.
Art is not a commodity that can be regulated. Anyone can call him or herself an artist, anyone can call anything that they create "art," and anyone can be an art dealer or own an art gallery. Anyone can sell art wherever, whenever and under whatever circumstances they please, and price or sell whatever they call "art" for whatever amounts of money they feel like selling it for, as long as that art is offered without committing fraud or misrepresentation. And they do. To further complicate matters, art is sold everywhere all the time-- at individual artist websites, gallery websites, websites where artists pay fees to show their art, secondary market websites , auction sites, outdoor art shows, art galleries, art fairs, flea markets, estate sales, big city auctions, museum sales and rental galleries.
New art work sells in all price ranges; much of it passes through chains of wholesalers, distributors, and other resellers on its way to retail galleries, and ultimately to retail buyers. This includes paintings, sculptures, etchings, lithographs, photographs, serigraphs, wood carvings, ceramics, weavings, tapestries, watercolors, drawings, mixed media works, and so on. And that's just the brand new art; older art sells over and over and over again all the time, often changing ownership in secret private transactions. In all, countless millions of pieces of "art" are bought, sold, and traded worldwide every year.
Old-Master values have struggled to keep pace with those of more fashionable works by 20th-century and living artists. Traditional paintings have a smaller pool of collectors, and while buyers still fight for museum-quality discoveries, less desirable, previously-offered works attract less demand.

One of the questions that surrounds art as an asset is how to quantify an income stream from any sort of collection. But a recent report from Colin Gleadell suggests that art—in this case, 580 paintings and drawings assembled lightning quick over a three-year period—can produce revenue on an indirect basis. After a dull 2010 for global art sales, the Artprice Global Index bears testament to a rapid improvement in the market this year. The index, which is updated quarterly, shows that sales in the past three months have delivered prices that were last seen before the recession took hold in 2008.
One thing is certain – the big-time buyers of art are people in the financial sector who are weathering troubled times a lot better than high street businesses.And yet, for the last couple of decades, contemporary art has flourished through an alliance of the rich and the not-so-rich. It is the same educated, probably public-sector-employed middle class that enthusiastically visit galleries and art fairs. It is these fans of modern art who have helped, by their acclaim, to generate the charisma that makes it apparently worth so many millions. 

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