Friday, August 26, 2011

Art Market trends detected in the practice of fine arts in India

Indian art market started truly maturing. The buyers now started showing lesser reliance on galleries and investments started based on more informed choices.The recent ArtTactic Indian Art Market Confidence Indicator is up by 19.2% from October 2010, helped by a strong confidence in the Indian economy. Despite a below-par auction season in New York in March 2011, experts in the Indian art market believe the positive economic sentiment will start filtering into the Indian art market, which has been troubled since the speculative boom in 2008. With economic growth set to out-pace China, the survey experts believe India’s economic growth will help fuel the Indian art market. The Economic component of the ArtTactic Indian Confidence Indicator has increased 21% from October 2010.

Three primary trends are now being detected in the practice of fine arts in India. Firstly a search for a distinctly Indian identity continues to dominate artists’ minds. Often it leads to the use of materials and objects which are distinctly Indian.

The second important trend that is being observed is the use of computer graphics, photography, modern technology and a host of other media in the creation of art works.

The third trend is the search for an individualist language of expression. The most important new style that fits this new trend is ‘Pseudorealism’, an art-genre which has originated solely in India. Only six years since inception, Pseudorealism has already a huge following among the new generations of India.

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